There is a ton of random pieces of gadgetry, wizardry, and techno-babble that I employ when I’m cooking.  I’ll try to keep a general list of what I’ve used and where you can get it here.

Anova Precision Cooker – $180


Your basic tool for cooking Sous-Vide.  Very handy, attaches to a pot or tub, bluetooth capabilities.

BernzOMatic Torch – $46


Basic torch for searing with propane.  I recommend not being cheap and saving the $10 by getting the smaller model.  You can buy this cheaper at Home Depot than on Amazon if you go in person.

Cambro – $25


Best tool for hooking up the immersion precision cooker to.  Very useful in general.

King Two Sided Sharpening Stone – $34


You wont realize how bad you needed one of these until you have one. Two-sided stone allows you to keep your kitchen knives sharper than when you bought them.

Immersion Blender – $60

Immersion Blender

Basic immersion blender for emulsifying, whisking, and chopping.  I recommend getting the one with the attachments.  They are amazingly useful.

Infared Laster Thermometer – $17

Infared Thermometer

Thermometer that lets you see how hot a solid is, great for use with salt-blocks to see if they are up to temperature yet.

Julienne Peeler – $10

Julienne Peeler

Used for peeling and slicing things in julienne style.

Pasta Roller – $40

Pasta Roller

Basic hand operated pasta roller.


Small Woodchip Smoker Box for Gas Grills

Smoker Box

A small stainless steel box, put woodchips inside then insert into your gas grill to smoke meats.  This link/pic are just an example.  I dont own this particular brand so do some research before you buy.


Spiralizer – $10


Used to turn non pasta…into…”pasta”….

Vacuum Sealer – $80

Food Saver

Basic food vacuum sealer, used alot in sous-vide and marinating.