The who, what, when, where, and why of this blog…


Welcome to “Do You Even Food…? I can’t and so can you”

A perplexing title for many I’m sure but putting that aside for a minute I’d like to take a minute and tell you exactly what you can expect here, my hopes, my wishes, my goals blah blah.

In April of 2015 I got married. An unexpected side-effect of matrimony was the wedding gifts, something I had never really thought about or expected. It seemed like overnight our kitchen was transformed from a place where you were just as likely to be eating off paper plates with plastic forks, to a fine-dining experience with all the little accoutréments that I probably never would have gotten around to buying if I had my way with it.

I have always had a love for cooking. I think it started back when I was in college 10 years ago sitting in my little crappy room at 2am with nothing to do. I would go through the channels and suddenly I would stumble on Iron Chef. Not todays “Iron Chef America” but the original Japanese Iron Chef. I would sit there starving with the munchies watching these world class chefs create food in a short amount of time and suddenly the vastness of how far you can take food started to dawn on me. It wasn’t until recently however that I was granted the financial means, freedom, and equipment to feel like I could legitimately pursue food as a legitimate hobby.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my personal growth as a home-cook. Most food blogs or websites are from the perspective of the master chef, the person who has already achieved trying to explain to you, the noobie, how you can also achieve. This is not that website. Here you will be able to learn as I learn, see me experiment with new ideas and new techniques, watch me fail and throw tantrums, contribute to the learning process, and just generally be part of the journey rather than just reading the destination. It is my hope that the new cook will be able to use this place as a resource and use the path that I will carve as a way to make his/her way through the jungle of information.  The phrase “I Can’t and So Can You” is meant to impart a sense that I am by no means a chef, I do not believe I am great (yet) and I am not at the finish line.

This blog will go many different directions, I myself am moderately “Fitnessy” and thus you will often see recipes focusing on either health, calories, macro-nutrient intake, and general douchebaggery of this nature. My hobbies include the standard hobbies for all Americans…Sex, Drugs, Food, Alcohol, Traveling, Writing, Lifting Weights, Fantasy Football, Sports, My Dogs, Guns and everything in between.

I will most likely keep this perpetually anonymous, I find that if I put my face on things on the internet then I am forced to conform to political correctness whereas if I just stay “The anonymous DoUevenFood? Guy” I will be allowed more freedom. I’m not doing this for publicity but because I want to.

That being said, welcome to Do U Even Food?