There is good shrimp, there is bad shrimp, then there is this shrimp.

I love shrimp because everyone has access to it, it’s not hard to prepare, yet so many people still fail at it.  Creating a shrimp that makes someones knees buckle isn’t hard, but for whatever reason its consistently true.  A nice garlic herb shrimp with a wine glaze isn’t hard to do.  We start with a simple brine, and simple steps, to make the best damn shrimp, Ad Hoc style.



  1. 1 Pound Shrimp, tail on, the bigger the better
  2. 3 Tbsp Butter
  3. 2 Garlic Cloves
  4. Choppes Chives
  5. 1/4 cup white wine.
  6. Salt



First things first lets start with deveining…don’t be gross, either buy shrimp deveined, or devein your shrimp yourself.  Its not hard.  The top vein is the shrimps digestive tract, it can be chewy, can contain grit, and is kinda bleh.  The bottom vein does not HAVE to be removed, it is the shrimps ventral nerve cord, I always remove it but its not mandatory.  The bigger the shrimp the more of a impact this vein will have on your dish, as the vein will be bigger.


Make sure when you’re removing the shells that you leave the tails on the shrimp, this makes serving them much easier/better, ESPECIALLY if you’re using large shrimp.


Cliffs: Remove the veins you lazy ass.



What we are going to do before we do anything else is create a quick-brine for the shrimp, this will do a couple things for us.  It’s going to make it more difficult for derp-chefs to overcook the shrimp, it’s going to impart a saltiness that will equally coat all the shrimp, and it’s going to add a slight bit of texture that makes the shrimp more appetizing.


The ratio we are going to use is a 1/8th of a cup of salt per cup of water, so depending on how many shrimp you’re using, and how big your water bowl is, that’s the ratio.  So if you’re using 6 cups of water, 3/4 of a cup of salt.  Let the shrimp sit for around 10 minutes, drain them, rinse them, dry them set them aside.



Slice up your garlic thinly.




Melt your butter on a nice medium heat.




Add your garlic to the butter, let it simmer for around 20-30 seconds.



Put your shrimp into the pan, you’re going to want to let them simmer for 90-120 seconds per side.




Once both sides are cooked take your shrimp out and put them aside in a warm place.  Don’t throw away that glorious shrimp/garlic/butter juice, now we add our wine directly to the pan



Give it like 20 seconds, then throw in around a tbsp of chopped chives to the mixture, at this point we want to reduce this liquid to a glaze, so keep an eye on it, stir it with a spoon, let it reduce to about 3-4 tablespoons of liquid (for 1 pound of shrimp).



For plating I did this offset flat plate, but I’m not a plating guru so feel free to plate however you want.  Drop some chopped chives on the plate.



Then just plate your shrimp, I do an offset tail setup where the tails point opposite directions and rotate back and forth for easy grabbing.  Pour a tsp at a time on top of all the shrimp.  Dust with some more chopped chives, and you’re done.





I gotta be honest, these rarely make it to the table.  They usually get devoured right on the counter as they come out of the pan because of how amazing the kitchen smells and how damn good they are.