Step your game up this football season, crunchy mini fajita bites.

Football is officially here, every year I swear I wont play in as many fantasy leagues, and every year I somehow end up in even more.  This recipe is for everyone looking for something to serve tonight or on Sunday at their party.  Let’s get this party started with some Fajita Steak-Bites.


No, I’m not a KC fan.



Honestly you can get away with using whatever meat you want here, I’m sure some taco seasoned ground beef, or some pulled pork, or whatever you can think of would work just as well.  This is a really versatile dish so feel free to get experiment with it.


You will need a mini-muffin tin for this, thats the only downside really, not everyone has one.  You can maybe get away with not using one somehow but its gonna be a pain in the ass.


Start off by greasing up your tin with alittle spray oil.


You’re going to lightly put each gyoza wrapper into the pan, preheat your over to 350.  This takes a bit of fumbling, bumbling, and learning on the go to figure out how to put them in the pan properly.  Just get ready to lose one or two wrappers as you figure out the process.



Toss them in the oven.  This isn’t a set it and forget it kind of thing, they toast up pretty quickly.  5-10 minutes and they should be brown and ready to be used.  Fortunately once they are done you can just dump them out and set them aside until you’re ready to fill them.


Ok, you’ve got your cups which really is 90% of the equation.  My meat has been marinating, I’ll just pull it out and give it a nice pan sear.  2-3 minutes per side depending on thickness on high heat with alittle oil and you should be good.




Next up you’re going to just dice up your steak into little bites.



Get out your salsa, get out your sour cream, and begin the assembly line.



Put 2-3 pieces of steak into the bottom (or ground beef or whatever you’re workin’ with)


Add a dollop of fresh salsa


Add a topping of sour cream


Sneak a bite of one if you’re my wife…



You’re done!  Arrange on a serving tray or whatever the hell you want to arrange these one and serve up as a tasty bite sized finger food, filled with fajita steak goodness, spicy salsa, and some cool cream to wash it down.

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