Kitchen Staples, Garlic Oil. (With a side of Confit)

This is one of those items that I’ve started to make and keep around my house at all times because its so convenient when you want to add garlic flavor to something.  Anything from potato chips, to Aioli, to Steak…you can use this stuff for a milder garlic feel and its pretty awesome.  The other side of this coin is that it also creates a nice garlic confit in the process, perhaps you’re here because you actually want the confit and not the oil.  They are both great.


Confit is literally just a word that means “preserved” and often preserved in oil, alot of the time you will see Duck Confit and things of that nature but this will get you some garlic confit that is super soft, lacks any bitterness, and is super smooth.


Things you’re going to need

  • Garlic
  • 2 Cups Canola

I know right?  Who would have thought that a recipe for garlic oil would requires so many ingredients…


So first up get your garlic together, I just use 1 whole head.


I sliced every piece in half basically, the idea being that the “garlickeyness” would absorb into the oil better.


Now you want to put the garlic in a pot.


Add your oil, basically you need enough oil to completely submerge the garlic.


Ok so basically you want to turn the stove on and heat your oil, this is kind of finicky and you need to make sure to watch it at first.  You’re going to want it on a medium or medium low, and eventually a low setting.  Essentially what you want is to see air bubbles escaping the garlic once you’ve gotten a couple bubbles going you want to let this oil basically sit around this temperature for around 40 minutes.  Stir it every 5 minutes or so.

This is the kind of bubbling you want, you can see the bubbles rising but when they hit the surface they don’t “splash”.  Just a very calm tiny bubbling.



This is what you DONT want, this means your garlic isnt just marinating and melding anymore and you’re actually cooking it.  It will burn, make your oil taste burnt, and trust me…it will taste like butt.  Want to know how I know that?  Well…as you can see I did it and screwed up. Guess what it tasted like?



Give it around 40 minutes like that, stirring occasionally.  Then empty the oil and garlic into a bottle if you want to keep it in the fridge and use it for other recipes, or if you want put it into a cruet and put on a table and make it available to drizzle on other things.    The garlic inside should be very soft.  You can use it for garlic confit if you’d like or use it for whatever you can think of using softened and mild garlic on.  The garlic takes on a much less harsh flavor and has mellowed out quite a bit after this process so it would be good in alot of uses.



I’ve started to use this stuff quite a bit so I wanted to make sure that I shared the recipe with it so I can use it as a reference.