Cucumber and Hummus, simple flavors with style.

After making my first hummus the other day I needed ideas for what to do with it.   I stumbled on this idea through a friend and gave it a shot.

These little bad boys ended up being a smash hit the other night as a finger-food type dish that was actually very refreshing as well.  Something about eating cucumbers just kinda washes your mouth out and prepares you for dinner and drinking.  Insanely simple, visually aesthetic, and very tasty, these are a great option for the person looking for a nice appetizer or finger food.


The next couple weeks are going to be fantasy football draft weeks, if you have a person looking for a healthy option for snack foods this might be a great one.




  • Hummus, using this recipe, or you can use store bought.
  • Cucumber
  • Salt
  • Yogurt (Greek preferably)
  • Sesame Seeds



I started off with s big piece of cucumber, waiting to be exploited.


This part is purely optional but this is just a technique for making things a bit fancier.  Take the cucumber and using a peeler (or a knife, or a rock…) peel one straight line of the rind off all the way down the cucumber.  Do this four times on opposite sides.  Honestly you can do this as much or as little as you want, its just artsy nonsense for the sake of making things look more awesome so have fun with it.


Next up just chop them into slices about 1/4 inch each, whatever you feel like doing is fine.  Notice how the pattern now comes out on the cucumber slices and will make people conjure images of you sitting in the kitchen peeling each slice one by one.


Lay out your cucumber assembly line, sprinkle each slice with a pinch of salt.  You might want to sprinkle one and just pop it in your mouth to get an idea of how much to use.



Next up you want to put your hummus in a ziplock bag, twist it, cut the corner off of it and use it as a piper.  One by one just pipe out a dollop of hummus onto each round.



Next up repeat the process of filling a ziplock bag with the yogurt this time, do another round on each piece.4


Finally for a bit of flair, sprinkle on some sesame seeds.  Not 100% mandatory, just a nice touch but obviously they will still be great without them.


Transfer to a serving dish and get ready to impress everyone at the party.




…or honestly just make a ton of these for yourself to munch on at any point, they are really good and simple.