Sous Vide Experimentation and Barbecue Blasphemy, Ribs

Yep, I wanted to see how ribs would turn out if I Sous Vide them so I decided to try out the BBQ sauce from the other day and see what I could pull off.  I also wanted to see how ribs turned out with different temperatures

First things first I ran to Costco to grab some baby back ribs.


Then I cut them into more manageable half-racks.


Gave them a quick coating of the BBQ sauce


Then I vacuum sealed them and got to work.



First I prepared one at 140 degrees for 24 hours, then I prepared another at 145 degrees for 24 hours.


Very unimpressive coming out of the bin but thats not what matters is it.


Hit them with a fresh layer of sauce, then I decided to hit them on the grill and use a torch on them to give them a nice burnt sear on top


Grillin Ribs


Ribs at 140 came out really good, while they weren’t raw by any means the texture was still alittle “raw” feeling for comfort.  I liked it but I can see groups of people not enjoying it 100%.

Closeup 3

Middle Meat

Rib Closeup 1

Meanwhile the 145 degree bath came out perfect.  Wouldn’t change a thing to be honest, 145 degrees for 24 hours is the spot for ribs.  Remove from bath, use torch and grill to sear the shit out of them and get a nice crust.  Game over, best ribs.

Fresh off Grill

Cut Up Ribs


Rib Closeup 2


It makes me wish I could enter a rib competition and have a hidden booth with a massive immersion tank and sous-vide everything.  Then make blind judges taste it.  I know that BBQ snobs would never be able to look past the method and would get stuck on pomp and circumstance, however…these are legit the best ribs i’ve ever had and I have attended those “Best of the West” rib cookoffs.  The meat is so juicy, so tender, and so fall off the bone.  It doesnt have that “the bone crumbled with the meat” problem that long smoked ribs often have and it isnt dry at all.