If you arent eating Afghan Chatni…I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

Ay bunk, these guys said they don’t even Chatni Gashneez



Ok that’s a little dramatic but seriously this has slowly become one of my favorite sauces/toppings to put on meat that there is.  I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in the Bay Area so I’ve had access to a lot of good Afghan food as a result of the huge Afghan population out here.  Every time I go to a restaurant they always have the same green sauce everywhere you go.  One place wont be as spicy as the other but its all pretty much the same.


For the longest time I would just ask them “how do you make this” and they wouldn’t tell me or didn’t know.  I googled around and I fumbled with some recipes making mistakes along the way trying to perfect this stuff.  The basics are the basics and every recipe is almost the same honestly.


Its called Chatni Gashneez and its amazing.  This sauce is alittle spicy, its very acidic, and its not something you just pour all over the place.  A little bit goes a long way.  Personally I love it on kebabs and other meat.


This is how I make mine.

  • 1 Bunch Cilantro, enough to make 1 cup.
  • 1 Jalapeno
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup lemon juics
  • 1/8th cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sugar or splenda…I always use splenda when possible to save sugar/calories.
  • 35g Walnut (roughly 1/2 cup)



For this recipe I bust out my Immersion Blender but I use the chopping attachment.  I find it really convenient for stuff like this.


Now you need to get about 1 cup of cilantro and when I say 1 cup I dont mean a loose cup.  I mean a cup where you’re pushing down on it and it squishes down into a cup.  This will usually require the entire bunch of cilantro, sometimes alittle more.




I roughly chop it and throw it in the chopper.



Chop it for a bit until its as chopped as it looks like its going to get.



Throw in the jalapeno and the garlic, both roughly chopped beforehand.



Let that baby whir for like 15 seconds.



Throw in the salt/splenda/sugar/lemon/vinegar



Your final product should look like this.  Now if you have a walnut allergy you can stop here and it tastes just fine but for the real deal and the best version proceed to the next step.





Now I don’t know what a tsp or a cup of walnuts should look like…they are shaped weird what kind of ass backwards unit of measurements are those?  So I just use the scale and use about 35g of walnut.



Now here is the key with the walnut, you want to chop it up a bit but dont go overboard.  I’ve made this stuff in the past where I just let it blend and blend and blend and what came out was a mixture that tasted like it had walnut-flour in it, it left a weird coating on your mouth that you could feel.  Don’t overchop your nuts.



After a quick pre-chop, throw it in with the rest.  I’ll usually give it a good 5-7 pulses.  5 seconds of blending should be enough at this point (if they are pre-chopped, if not then alittle more time)



When all is said and done you should have a spicy, acidic blend of goodness.





Now you can just throw it in a jar and bust it out of the fridge whenever you want.




Now whenever someone sees you eating that green sauce you can just be like me and the Bunk.  Shake your head while walking away whispering to yourself, “Does this guy even Chatni?”