I couldnt infuse, but now you can also

A recent technique I learned when cooking some meat was the idea of a simple infused butter sauce, that is preparing butter ahead of time that didn’t have chunks of stuff in it, rather, it was just flavored.  I like to do it with the sous-vide setup.


The ingredients are really whatever you want to make them, and what you want your final product to be.


Here I make two separate infused butters. One is a simple mint-butter, something that I’ve found to taste good with things like lamb.  The other is  a combination of garlic, chives, rosemary, onion powder, and Parmesan for a garlicky herb butter.


Just chop, mash, shred, prepare any ingredients/flavors you want to use.



Its really basic and really simple.  Take your vacuum sealer, make a bag, put the butter and whatever flavors in the bag, and seal it.  If you want you can use a ziplock bag, it doesn’t need to be a vacuum sealer bag but you do want to make sure you get as much of the air out of it as possible…and maybe double bag it.









The cool thing about doing this sous-vide is you can just throw it in the water with whatever it is you’re cooking.  By the time the meat is done the butter will be infused.  You could probably throw it just in some boiling water and it would work as well, but I haven’t tested that so take caution.


Once they’ve simmered for like an hour or two you want to strain out the solids.


What you’re left with is a nice butter infused with the flavor of whatever goodness you wanted it to be infused with.  If you want you can put it back in the fridge and store it for use some other time or make it alongside whatever it is you’re cooking that night.




Just a technique I recently learned and added to the arsenal, enjoy~