Perfecting the Sous-Vide Steak, Wagyu Chuck with Miso-Garlic-Butter

I feel like Im coming to that point where my Sous Vide steak is nearing perfection.  This time I had to serve more people than just myself and my wife so I said screw that I’m not buying expensive ribeyes and new york strips to feed these bastards.


So while I was shopping at my local grocery store I saw this.


Wagyu Chuck Steak at $9/lb.  Couldn’t say no to that.  Had it cut to a nice 1.5″ thickness and we were on our way.  Now I realize that there are going to be people that are like “Hey Dave you know its probably not real Wagyu, technically its American blah blah” to them I say…shut the hell up.  No one cares, this shit tastes good.



Wagyu Chuck

I did the standard season with pepper and garlic before throwing it in the bag.  This time however, I did not salt it.  After doing some reading it is unnecessary and probably counter productive to salt when cooking sous-vide unless what you’re looking for is more of a brined texture.

I’m not so I didn’t.

133 degrees for 1.5-2ish hours.



After it came out it had that gelatinous “cooked” feel that I’ve come to get used to with Sous-Vide cooking.  I wiped off the garlic because I didn’t want to burn it and give it a gross bitter burnt garlic flavor.  Then I hit it with some fresh salt.



Here is where I really start to step my steak-game up.  Previously I had just tried to use the torch on a wire rack to crisp up the outside.  What I found was that it took a while to really dry/crisp the outside so what ended up happening was I cooked more of the internal steak than what I wanted.  This time I did the Torch+Pan Sear at the same time technique.

Drop into hot pan, let sit for 30 seconds, flip the steak over.  Fire up the blowtorch and sear the shit out of the seared side, let the other side pan-sear for 1 minute.  Remove the steak.  Then blow-torch the un-torched side on a wire rack.





What came out was a steak with the charred crispy crust of legend.  Bards would sing the song of how great this….sorry…I just love steak…


Now here is a twist that I’ve developed myself.  90% of people pan searing a steak these days follow the standard “When finishing a steak, drop some butter/garlic in the pan and spoon it over the steak” technique.  I took that and put a twist on it by making a glaze/blend of my own

  • 6 Tbsp Butter (like half a stick)
  • 4-6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 Tbsp White Miso paste.

Throw that in the microwave and whisk it or blend it or whatever to make this butter-sauce.  What comes out is this really rich, sweet, garlicky, mildly salty….I gotta stop I’m getting hungry.

You can use the torch alittle to sear up the butter if you want, or just serve like this.



I heard you like food porn so here you go.