January 22

The great ranch odyssey and finding “the right recipe”, what feels like gallons of ranch later…

Something I have been putting off for the longest time was figuring out a good Ranch for dipping, that I really liked, that I could make at home.  I had been putting it off because for whatever reason I knew it was going to be a giant pain in the ass, and that no recipe […]

January 07

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and taking your version up a notch

I know what you’re thinking, why the hell do I need to know how to make a grilled cheese, its idiot proof.  I’m pretty sure everyone has had a grilled cheese sandwich, and most of you have probably seen one on a menu and thought “damn I’m I could scarf one of those right now” […]

January 05

Fondue, bringing in the new year with some of that oldschool 70’s swank

About 7 months ago my wife and I received a fancy Cuisinart fondue machine that has been collecting dust so this new years we decided that damn it all, we were going to bust this thing out, take it back to the 70’s parties of old, and get down with some Fondue.  I tend to […]

December 28

Mongolian Beef, the most traditional American Christmas food I could think of.

As Christmas passed this previous week I looked to stepping my game up by trying to prepare some legitimate traditional American-Christmas food.  I know what some of you are thinking “Yule Logs?  Chestnuts?  A Roast?”  To that I have to scoff.  Let’s be real with one another for a moment.  Chinese food has become the […]

December 22

Horchata (Orxata), be original this year, skip the nog.

Horchata (Orxata)…nothing sais Merry Christmas like a nice big glass of Horchata….what was that? It doesnt?  Well shit I already spent time figuring it out so I’m doing it anyway.    Horchata is basically just Spanish/Mexican drink that has been infused with rice/nut flavors.  Its an ancient beverage that reminds me of BBQ sauce because everyone […]

December 16

Hamburger 101: The Ultimate Guide to Hamburgers.

Hamburgers are the quintessential American food, to the point that if you google “American Food” your first 10 pictures will probably be hamburgers.  I spent the last couple days bordering on a beef overdose as I experimented with different ways to make a burger for the sake of figuring out how to make the best […]

December 14

Syrniki, aka Russian Buttermilk-Cheese Pancakes

Pancake is a really loose term here, basically just the closest thing in english describing what these little cream-cheesy flat discs of goodness are.  A staple at most authentic Russian breakfasts these things are so damn good.  I’ve seen this recipe in one or two other places on the internet and its always either way […]